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PyLadies Overview

This blog was co-authored by Prithvi Gandhi and Reshama Shaikh

History and Mission

PyLadies is a global group with the focus on getting more women involved in the Python open-source community. It also aims to provide a support network for women and a bridge to the greater Python community.

PyLadies was founded in 2011. The organization holds meetups and other social gatherings, along with workshops and outreaches. The first chapter was the Los Angeles chapter founded in April 2011. This is the founding order of the first ten chapters:

  1. Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2011
  2. Washington DC, USA, 2011
  3. San Francisco, CA, USA, 2012
  4. New York City, NY, USA, 2012
  5. Portland, OR, USA, 2012
  6. San Diego, CA, USA, 2012
  7. Seattle, WA, USA, 2012
  8. Austin, TX, USA, 2012
  9. Toronto, Canada, 2013
  10. Vienna, Austria, 2013

The newest chapter as of now is Hamburg, Germany, founded on May 2018.

We estimate that PyLadies has 61 chapters worldwide with 36K+ members represented in 6 continents and 26 countries.

Our process: The PyLadies website has 89 chapters listed. Of those 89 listed, 61 chapters are active on some medium such as Meetup, Facebook, Twitter or website. 30 of the chapters have active meetup groups. Some chapters organize using other platforms such as Facebook or a group website. We are unable to confirm the exact number of active chapters.

We defined a chapter as active if it has held a meetup event in 2018 or has an active online presence (i.e. Facebook group, website, Twitter, etc). If a chapter does not have any digital presence, it is labeled as active until we find out otherwise.

A chapter is labeled inactive if it has not had a meetup event in 2018 or has an online presence that has not been updated in 2018.

Map of PyLadies Chapters

PyLadies Chapters: USA & Canada

The 10 populous chapters in North America are:

  1. San Francisco - 5.1K
  2. New York City - 3.2K
  3. Seattle - 1.7K
  4. Boston - 1.3K
  5. Washington DC - 1.1K
  6. Chicago - 1.1K
  7. Austin - 1K
  8. Portland - 1K
  9. Vancuover - 1K
  10. Toronto - 800+

PyLadies Chapters: Outside of North America

The 10 chapters with the highest membership outside the USA & Canada are:

  1. Sao Paolo, Brazil - 1.7K
  2. London, England - 1.6K
  3. Taipei, Taiwan - 1.5K
  4. Lagos, Nigeria - 1.4K
  5. Pune, India - 1.2K
  6. Madrid, Spain - 1.2K
  7. Berlin, Germany - 1.1K
  8. Dublin, Ireland - 600+
  9. Stockholm, Sweden - 600+
  10. Paris, France - 500+


The 10 top countries include:

  1. USA
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Spain
  6. Taiwan
  7. Nigeria
  8. India
  9. Germany
  10. Australia

All PyLadies Chapters

Connecting with PyLadies


Follow PyLadies on Twitter at @pyladies. There is also a Twitter list of chapters.


There is a global PyLadies Slack group, along with groups for specific chapters. To join, sign up here.

Meetup Groups

A list of all chapters and their meetup group links can be found on the PyLadies website.

Facebook Pages/Groups

Certain chapters have FB pages as well. Links to the pages can be found on the PyLadies website.

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