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PyLadies Overview Addendum

In the PyLadies overview, our calculations were based on the categorization of PyLadies global chapters outlined below.

There are a total of 87 PyLadies chapters worldwide. Many chapters use as a way to organize meetups, hackathons and other such events. However, there are also other ways these chapters communicate, mainly: Facebook Groups, their own websites, and Twitter. In order to properly analyze the data, we used the categorization described below:

PyLadies chapters are initially broken down into four categories by their activeness and communication tool:

Chapters on Meetup are further broken down into active and inactive chapters:

Active non-Meetup chapters are chapters that have some digital presence in 2018 (Facebook group post, Twitter tweet, blogpost), but no chapter or inactive chapter.

Inactive chapters are chapters that have no digital presence in 2018: no event, no blogpost, no tweet, or no Facebook post. This also includes closed chapters.

Any chapter that doesn’t fall into the above categories is categorized as ‘unsure’.

All the data visualizations in the PyLadies overview include chapters labeled active and unsure based on the breakdown explained above.

Here are the numbers for the categories:

Category # of Chapters
Total Chapters 87
Existing Meetup Chapters 59
Active Meetup Chapters 33
Inactive Meetup Chapters 26
Active Non-Meetup Chapters 22
Inactive Chapters 25
Unsure 7

Here is a geo-plot of the USA with all the active PyLadies chapters by member size.